Tuesday, April 6, 2010

California, here I come!

It's official! Next week I'm going to California to be with my sweet Grandpa (who just had heart surgery but is doing well), my Auntie Valerie for a day before she goes to a conference and my mom's best friend Patty and her family. It's going to be a very quick trip but I needed to get out of Salt Lake, at least for a little bit, in order to survive this miserable last semester.

I'm so sad. Andrew and I moved into his parent's house to save money until we move in August and I have no pictures here :( My computer is boxed up safely and not to be seen until we get settled in Cleveland. Oh well, these will do for now!

My mom's 50th surprise party at the Homestead.
Jared and Rose made the whole thing so special!

My mom's family, so cute!

Backpacking through Europe with Christie and Patty

Valerie, my mom and Miss Nancy at my reception
such a happy day

Patty and my mom hiking the Narrows in Zion's, such a fun week.

I'm so excited, this little vacation is much need to rejuvenate my spirit and body.
California, here I come!!!


  1. Is Jared wearing a "Mr. Incredible" shirt? I think so and that makes me happy.

  2. Vacations are always good for rejuvenation!! but especially the beach (I assume you're going to the beach!) Have fun and enjoy

  3. Yes, my brother is wearing an incredible's shirt. He's a little different :) just joking, love you jed!