Saturday, February 5, 2011

my lovely Diane

Yesterday was my little brother's 20th bday. I love him so much. He's too strong willed for his own good at times but I am proud of him. My mom loved her baby. He was such a handful growing up but always the life of the party, or in this case family. He's currently at Utah Valley University taking business classes and loving it. He's an adventure seeker, one of my best friends and the sweetest. But this post isn't about Aaron, I did a whole post on him on my other blog. You can read it at Aaron's bday post. This post is about Diane.

Diane has been a part of my family for longer than she hasn't. She is our honorary aunt and she lost her dear friend and roommate, Myrna, on Thursday. This is a humbling time. It brought back so many memories of a time of heartbreak. Diane was one of many who took care of me and my family while my mom was sick and after she passed away. Diane and I had weekly dates where we'd go to dinner and see a movie or something. She has one of the kindest hearts that I know and is just the sweetest. She cried with me when I needed someone and always made me feel better. She flew out to Cleveland with me to help me find an apartment. She was always present at family functions be it movie night, birthdays, holidays and for no special reason at all. My mom loved Diane so much. They were each other's cheerleaders. Diane used to make us her secret family recipe of spaghetti dinner and it blew all of our minds and then some. What would I do without Diane?

I feel so useless here in Cleveland while Diane is going through this process once again. I should be there to help her like she helped me.

But I'm here, in the Cleve, with a sore throat and clogged sinuses. boo.

I love you Diane. You are amazing and I am so grateful for you.
All my love and prayers are coming your way.