Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today was a no good very bad day.
I hated today.
I wanted to cry almost every hour.
I work with a crazy person who may or may not have yelled at me during work.
I also may or may not have wanted to sucker punch a certain someone multiple times while on the
clock but didn't because I'm too fragile for prison life.
It's still freezing here and it won't stop raining.
I simply wasn't a fan of today.

In these times of self pity I try and pick myself up and dust off the dog hair but today that didn't work very well either.

So I'm going to blog about some of the things that I'm in love with right this moment to try and put on a happy face. Let's see if this works...

So I've been having some tough times coming to a compromise with my skin out here. When I think of the water here in the Cleve the Dave Matthew's Band song "Don't Drink the Water" comes to mind.
Seriously, just don't.
So I've been trying to find a solution that didn't involve burning the first 6 layers of my skin off with a chemical peel or Acutane. And ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you...
Darphin's Cleansing Gel with Water Lily found here
Clear skin in a matter of a week or so! Whoo hoo! No dryness or oilness either.

Whitney totally got me addicted. I finished season 1 and then Andrew cancelled our Netflix and I can't get season 2 anywhere online!!!!!! What is a girl to do?

and the last episode of "The Office"
"I am adequate."

If you don't want to watch the whole thing just start it at 2:20 and it'll pretty much sum up the awkwardness of the entire episode. Watch the whole episode on it's free!

my new straw fedora to protect my face from the beautiful sun this summer.
Random right? But it makes me happy!

something else that makes me new nephew!!!
Isn't he the CUTEST?!!! He looks exactly like Jared did when he was a babe.
I so wish that I had a photo to show you but trust me, he does.
Jared is my older brother just fyi, if you read this you probably already know that but just in case.
Congrats Jared and Rose, you did good!
Mason makes me happy. Tyler, his big brother, makes me happy too.
Okay, I'm feeling slightly better.

These goofs always make me feel better. Except when they have gas, so not cool.

In other awesome news, our countdown to Utah has begun!!! 10. more. days.
I've never been so excited to drive across the country even if we do have to pay $6 a gallon for gas.

In other not-so-awesome news, the anniversary of my mom's passing is on the 26th.
It's been a loooooooooooong 2 years. It's days like today that I really wish I could call and vent.
I need my mom sometimes most of the time. Tell your mom you love her, do it for me.
I really believe that there is a special bond between moms and their daughters. At least we had time to figure each other out before she went. We had some really wonderful times together those last few years and that I am grateful for. I don't cry so much and that's good, the pain isn't nearly as often but when it comes it is still brutal. I wonder if it will ever stop but I doubt it. This void can never be filled. I love you mom and I will miss you until we meet again.

It is very fitting that Easter is this weekend. Happy Easter all!
Go here for Easter inspiration, you won't regret it. Elder Uchtdorf's is my personal favorite.
I needed that so very much.
There is not room for Death,
Nor atom that his might could render void:
Thou - Thou art Being and Breath,
And what Thou art may never be destroyed.
-Emily Bronte

My issues with my coworker don't seem so dire now. I guess this worked in a strange sort of way.

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