Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh the places you'll go

This summer is our summer of fun. We officially quit our jobs (HALLELUJAH!!!) which I am just a little excited about if you can't tell. No more crazy boss and no more campus tours for me, thank you-know-who, and no more oil changes and jiffy lube for Andrew. I feel like singing "Oh happy day" but don't have time for that right now.

(This is a repeat of my other blog because like I explained, I have no time to write another blog post)
Since we have quit (May 26th) Andrew has gone to Alaska with his family, I went to Seattle with my padre, thrown a perfect 60th birthday party for my dad, helped with a going away party for Sarah, done laundry and packed because we are leaving for Lake Powell in t-minus 1 hour. When we get back from Powell my family will be up at the Homestead for a week, I get a week off then Diane and I are going to Cleavageland to find a place for my sweetie and I to live for the next two years. Then (here's the real kicker) Diane and I get back from the land of cleavage and 3 days later we are on a plane to Rome. Yes, my friends, I said Rome. For a month. Then we move August 1st, or there abouts. Andrew heads back into the wild frontier to catch the winter supplies of halibut the second week of August and returns the day before school starts which is also my birthday. I'm still deciding if I should go to Maui in August so I'm not all alone in our new place, decisions, decisions. I am equal parts exhausted and thrilled.
So if you don't hear from either of us until September don't be alarmed, we are just partying it up until the world of graduate school and student loans takes it's firm grasp upon our throats.
Recap: Seattle & Alaska, dad's bday party, Sarah's going away party, Lake Powell, Homestead, week off, Cleveland, Europe, move to Cleveland, Alaska and maybe Maui.


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  1. If your the least bit overwhelmed I will be more then happy to step in for you! Not for the moving part your on your own for that but definatly count me in for Rome and Maui!